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  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Multimapping and navigation in crowded environments
  • Indoors localization (map & images)
  • People aware navigation
  • Easy map management with Android tablet


  • Object and face recognition
  • People detection
  • Front stereo & back camera vision
  • Point cloud perception
  • Visual servoing


  • Multilanguage text-to-speech & speech recognition
  • GUI editor: Movement coordination and interactive behaviours
  • Remote control with Android tablet
  • LED mouth for increased expressivity
  • Telepresence and teleoperation


  • Embodied AI
  • Supports cognitive architectures: CRAM, SOAR…
  • Alice chatbot
  • Suitable for machine learning research
  • No hardware knowledge required


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  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • 7 DoF Arm (1Kg Payload)
  • 6 DoF Leg
  • 7 DoF (3 actuated) Hand
  • 2 DoF Torso
  • LED Mouth
  • Force/Torque sensors
  • Front Stereo Camera
  • Back Camera
  • Sonar Sensors
  • Laser Sensors


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